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We are researchers and clinicians that value the evidence derived from spoken discourse during assessment and treatment of speakers with aphasia. We want to improve the state of research, which will directly translate into improved evidence-based practice for assessment and treatment of spoken discourse in aphasia.

Listen to a short update on who we are & what we’ve been up to - as of April 2021!


Stemming from a roundtable discussion at the 49th Clinical Aphasiology Conference (2019) in Whitefish, Montana, this working group was devised as a means of addressing some of the critical gaps currently plaguing the area of spoken discourse assessment and analysis in speakers with aphasia.


We define aphasia broadly. People interested in acquired aphasia, cognitive-communicative impairments, and progressive aphasias are very welcome.


To create a working group whose task forces and initiatives improve the state of research in spoken discourse in aphasia.

Read about us more in our publication HERE (author’s copy HERE)

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