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Supporting FOQUSAphasia

We are completely operated by crowdsourced funding from interested persons. This helps us keep everything "free" to use anywhere you'd like! It also enables us to pay our speakers an honorarium, as well as host this great website with forum and member space. 

Thank you to our donors

How your donations have been used


  • Roberta Elman

  • Linda Worrall

  • Melinda Corwin

  • Adri Bratcher

  • Serena Chipara

  • Ellen B Ellis

  • Angela Ciccia

  • Rocio Norman

  • Carla Magdalani

  • Manaswita Dutta

  • Treg & Deb Stark

  • Brielle Stark

  • Sarah Baar

  • Lucy Bryant

  • Amy Ramage

  • Michelle Gravier


  • Shifting from SquareSpace to a Premium Plan on Wix, to enable us ability to have forums and member spaces <-- achieved on 7/26/2021!

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