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Journal Club

We started a journal club several years ago (pre-pandemic) and we're happy to be restarting it in 2023! The journal club is where we'll discuss published articles, with the general goals of keeping abreast of new knowledge and critically assessing research and how it applies to our research and clinical interests.


Journal clubs will meet on the 2nd Friday of every month (February, March, April, May), 1PM - 2:30PM Eastern.


Link to join

We like to use THIS TEMPLATE to help us think about articles


Please contact us if you would like to access the PDFs of the articles.


Planned articles for this year include:


February 2023:

Conversation as an Outcome of Aphasia Treatment: A Systematic Scoping Review

Jamie H. Azios, Brent Archer, Nina Simmons-Mackie, Anastasia Raymer, Marcella Carragher, Shriya Shashikanth and Eleanor Gulick


March 2023:

Clinical Guidelines for Eliciting Discourse Using the RHDBank (Right Hemisphere Disorder Bank) Protocol

Jamila Minga, Melissa D. Stockbridge, Alexandra Durfee and Melissa Johnson

April 2023: CANCELLED

How Do Clinicians Judge Fluency in Aphasia?

Jean K. Gordon and Sharice Clough

May 2023:

Predicting Cognitive Impairment in Cerebrovascular Disease Using Spoken Discourse Production

Roberts, Angela; Aveni, Katharine; Basque, Shalane; Orange, Joseph B.; McLaughlin, Paula; Ramirez, Joel; Troyer, Angela K.; Gutierrez, Stephanie; Chen, Angie; Bartha, Robert; Binns, Malcolm A.; Black, Sandra E.; Casaubon, Leanne K.; Dowlatshahi, Dar; Hassan, Ayman; Kwan, Donna; Levine, Brian; Mandzia, Jennifer; Sahlas, Demetrios J.; Scott, Christopher J. M.; Strother, Stephen; Sunderland, Kelly M.; Symons, Sean; Swartz, Richard; Investigators, ONDRI

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